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What is The Des Moines Social Club?

The Des Moines Social Club is a nonprofit organization made up of Des Moines residents using art as the catalyst in a city filled with people aching for a way to grow, a way to stay, and a way to be part of a movement. We aim to construct a place to that will bring together the dreads, the suits, the curious, the talented, the young, the old, the rich, and the poor. We aim to construct a place where ticket prices and food cost will not be a barrier to those who want to see art and enjoy local ingredients. We believe that art should be free, that art should be shared, and that art will change the world....

Watch a video about The Des Moines Social Club
Our Mission

The Des Moines Social Club is a dedicated to providing a physical space for the residents of Des Moines, Iowa to congregate, eat, drink and live out whatever artistic passion they may desire, bringing together all walks of life. You may come for a drink. You may come for a meal. You may come for a show, a class, a conversation.

The Des Moines Social Club achieves this tall order through daily educational programs in all aspects of creativity and academia, and a unique funding structure. Should the Des Moines Social Club not offer a program in your passion, we will find an expert to teach the course. The Des Moines Social Club is the first American institution to be a self-sufficient artistic venue, without selling its art.
The Des Moines Social Club will consist of 5 major entities: • European inspired Restaurant, Tapas and Wine Bar – The Actress and The Bishop • Fully functional, flexible arts venue – The Subjective Theater • Educational Program – The Department of Play • Permanent Visual Art Gallery/Banquet Hall • Offices, rehearsal/classroom and storage space The Des Moines Social Club will benefit the Des Moines Community by: • Creating over 50 new jobs in its first two years • Becoming an anchor for Gateway West creating major economic development • Becoming an icon for the city of Des Moines – a place to visit weekly for cultural events, lunch or dinner, dynamic instructional classes and/or a place to bring your out-of-town visitors to show off your city
The Des Moines Social Club is aiming to open in Spring, 2009 at 1408 Locust Street.